Many photographs and articles originate, and are inspired by, the rugged and beautiful northwoods of Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  This tiny cabin deep in the forest (and far from civilization) provides all the inspiration one could ever want.  It is paradise.

Dear Friends & Visitors,

​In order to better understand the genesis of my “vision,” it may be helpful to give you a brief look into my past. I was born in Michigan’s rugged Upper Peninsula and raised in and around the beautiful, remote forests and lakes of northern Wisconsin. I was a fearless and curious young boy spending countless hours traipsing and exploring through the woods letting my imagination create wondrous adventures and quickly grew more comfortable in nature than in any other environment. I grew into an ambitious teenager with a slightly rebellious streak, but as the years went by I opened my eyes one day and found myself trapped in the mindless corporate game – the mundane life society expects of us – and noticed large pieces of myself missing. My escape during some of those darker times was returning to nature with my camera and journal to recapture the moments of quiet and peace I hoped were still waiting for me. Fortunately they were.

In my travels since I have crossed paths with many others whom I have been fortunate enough to touch with my images and writings.  There is nothing so rewarding and fulfilling as hearing someone catch their breath when seeing…really seeing…one of my images, or laughing out loud at one of my stories. Being able to connect with someone on that level and helping them escape the mad world we get caught up in - even for a brief moment - is beyond priceless. My hope for you as you explore this small place is that you find one of those moments where the daily grind slips away and you remember and rediscover this vast, beautiful world and its endless possibilities.

​Go explore and find the moments that mean more.
The extraordinary begins where our comfort zone ends...

Company Profile

An "Aerie" is a nest built high on a cliff or mountaintop that provides exceptional and far-reaching "Vision" - hence the name, and the components of the Motto:


Unique Perspective.

Global Reach.

Universal Insight.

The extraordinary begins where our comfort zone ends...

What "VisionAerie" does...​

  • Nature Photography
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Outdoor adventure writing
  • Special Interest Writing
  • Ghost Writing
  • Editorial Writing
  • Copywriting
  • and more...just ask...

What "VisionAerie" is...


VisionAerie Concepts


Founded: 1991

Owner: Andrew Rogers


Areas of expertise:  Award-winning photography and writing customized for any application from complete hotel and clinic portfolios including canvas or metal prints to short stories and yes, even greeting cards.

No project is too large...or too small.

VisionAerie Concepts

  • Freelance Photography and Writing

Northern Base Camp...